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Member of American Association of Police Polygraphists, Inc.

Member of American Polygraph Association


We are a corporation in the state of Florida that has been doing business for over 45 years.  A majority of companies worldwide conduct background checks and polygraph testing as part of the pre-employment process. They want to know a job applicant's history to make sure that they are who they say and to avoid hiring undesirable candidates. A bad hire can have enormous negative impacts on a company's operations!

Lie detector tests are administered in English or Spanish. Free Consultation!  Affordable Costs!


The truthfulness of police, firefighters, and correctional personnel, is understandably a special concern of most employers, given the functions they serve and the trust that is given to them.

Fire Fighter, Correctional & Law Enforcement Polygraph Testing

Lie Detector tests for cheating spouses, and any other infidelity issues

Fishing and Hog Tournament Polygraph Testing and more!


We have partnered with a national service center to provide accurate and reliable information. Our pre-employment credit reports are pulled from Transunion credit bureau. Our services: Florida & USA, Driving Reports, Criminal, Wants & Warrants Report, Pre-Employment Credit Reports, Verification By SSN Reports, Pre-employment credit report, Education Verification, and Polygraph Testing.

Our Polygraph Testing are audio and video recorded during the testing period. CPSpro software is used to evaluate the Psycho physiological responses occurring during each question segment and computes the probability of truthfulness or deception. The physiological recordings are obtained with a Stoelting Computerized Polygraphs System (CPSpro) which continuously records on a computer precise measures of thoracic (TR) and abdominal (AR) respiration, skin conductance (EDA), relative blood pressure (BP), and subject movement from a sensor pad. All of the physiological measures are stored in the computer together with the text of each question and any artifact detected and entered by the examiner during the test.

We are in compliance with the Standards of Practice of the American Polygraph Association.  We are Members of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and Member of American Association of Police Polygraphists, Inc. (AAPPA). 


In compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other applicable laws and regulations under the United States Department of Labor.

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